The History

The History

Storia Novoforno


The strength and the history of the NOVOFORNO range reside in the deep roots of the food tradition of our land, from which we draw heavily to propose a complete line of bakery products typical of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

In our doughs the re-milled durum wheat semolina is unmissable, today much sought after to become our quality brand.

Our products are still born today, according to the rules of the past: unique raw materials, of absolute quality, slow natural leavening and craftsmanship, NOVOFORNO is considered today one of the most important realities in the frozen bakery products sector. It boasts a strong know-how in the production of typical bread, focaccia, panfocaccia, pizzas and especially in the processing of durum wheat semolina, produced exclusively in the area of ​​the Murgia that revolves around Altamura.