Donna che lavora ad una catena di produzione di prodotti da forno

Our productions are subjected to strict controls that start from the choices of raw materials.
Each supplier is accredited and each product must maintain the first level production and safety standards because every product of the Novoforno® company must be guaranteed in terms of healthiness, hygiene and the highest quality.

In the production phase every hygiene and safety standard is respected and every product is subjected to continuous and strict controls, monitoring every phase. Our production lines can make any baked product such as bread, rolls, focaccia, focaccia bread, bocconcini, slippers, etc.
This allows us to offer a product that always satisfies our customer.

Prodotti da Forno realizzati da Novoforno


Man is at the center of our production process. Expert bakers, thanks to their skilful intervention, create inimitable products that satisfy consumers who are increasingly demanding and looking for novelties. A great touch of modernity that has allowed NOVOFORNO to cross national borders and satisfy consumers’ needs is given by freezing.

This system of conservation, with the use of very low temperatures, is now universally recognized as the best in terms of sanitary safety and in terms of safeguarding the organoleptic profile of food. Through the study of consumer needs and without ever neglecting our history NOVOFORNO creates unique products for quality and taste. Our constant commitment is to satisfy the market with natural ingredients without additives or preservatives.